What are the types of Waste carton balers?

Waste carton baler is now an indispensable part of industrial activities. Some people may not know how to choose and buy a waste paper packer. There are four different types of waste paper packers.

First, manual Waste carton baler.
As the name suggests, it is through a large number of manual work. First of all, before the machine runs, employees need to check the machine (for example, whether the power supply is safe) to ensure that it can work properly. Secondly, when the machine is running, it is necessary to place the material in the appropriate position artificially, and put the packaging belt, so that the machine can be compressed, and the staff should pay great attention to safety when doing this step. Finally, finished products, you need to think of your handling.
Second, semi-automatic Waste carton baler
Popularly speaking, it is the combination of man and machine. In the early stage, using staff, the waste paper is put into the corresponding position, and then waiting for the machine to work, the waste paper is compressed into pieces, and shipped out. Then use staff again.
Third, automatic Waste carton baler
This kind of work is simpler, just need to provide waste paper, but do not need to put packaging bags, open the machine switch, the machine will work on its own, very convenient and fast.
Fourth. Fully automatic unmanned paper wrapping machine
Compared with automatic waste paper packaging machine, further separation from manual, as long as the setting of the program, you can according to their own requirements to deal with waste paper. This type of waste paper packer is faster and more convenient for me to work. Setting time and design mode can make the machine run on its own, greatly reducing manpower and reducing costs. This is more suitable for large and medium-sized waste paper recycling centers.

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