Use of dry ice manufactured by Dry ice pellets machine

The method of using dry ice can be divided into direct cooling method and indirect cooling method.

The direct cooling method is used for articles that do not cause problems even if they are in direct contact. For example, frozen fish, frozen food, ice cream storage, transportation, preservation of remains, etc. For direct cooling, a device such as dry ice adjustment can be installed to artificially adjust the sublimation temperature of dry ice. That is to say, if the dry ice becomes carbon dioxide gas, the cooling temperature can be appropriately adjusted if it is not easily diffused.

Indirect cooling is used for the storage and transportation of items that are susceptible to carbon dioxide. Such as: sashimi, vegetables and fruits. Indirect cooling is used to indirectly cool the medium.

Dry ice can be used as a cleaning medium for dry ice washing machines. It is sprayed onto the surface of the object to be cleaned by the nozzle of a dry ice washing machine (Dry ice pellets machine,Dry ice pelletizer making machine). In the case of dry ice  -78 ° C, it will quickly crack, so as to get rid of the surface to be cleaned, so that the surface of the object will return to its original cleanliness.

Dry ice is manufactured by dry ice making machine (Dry ice pellets machine,Dry ice pelletizer making machine), and condenses carbon dioxide into colorless at normal temperature and pressure of 6079.8 kPa. The liquid, which evaporates quickly under low pressure, condenses into a piece of compacted ice-like solid material to produce dry ice granules.

How to use dry ice correctly

Precautions in use

1, Do not touch and enter by hand

Because it can cause frostbite, it should be wrapped with cloth or newspapers and taken.

2, It would be better to leave the space between the items you want to cool properly.

Temperature and time can be adjusted by wrapping in newspapers, etc.

Wrap dry ice in a cloth or newspaper. In this way, the sublimation speed of the dry ice itself is suppressed, thereby extending the cooling time.

3, It is forbidden to seal dry ice in containers such as bottles

After the dry ice becomes a gas, the volume will increase by 750 times, and the sealing in the container will cause the container to burst.

4, Place a large amount of dry ice to pay attention to hypoxia

Always use a lot of dry ice when using a large amount of dry ice in a closed room.

5, Fresh fish, vegetables and fruits should be kept in plastic bags.

Fresh fish, vegetables and fruits should be placed in plastic bags for indirect cooling to keep them fresh for a long time.

6, When cutting dry ice

Cut dry from the middle when you need to cut dry ice

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