Silage hydraulic baler machine


Basic introduction:

Silage hydraulic baler machine is a machine for compressing, bundling and packing the crushed materials. This machine has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, stable and reliable transmission and flexible motor. This series of straw baling machine is mainly composed of diesel engine, hydraulic system, material storage system, compression mechanism, bagging mechanism, walking mechanism and electrical system. Widely used in animal husbandry forage green storage.


Working principle

1, The main cylinder is horizontally pushed and compacted

2,The side cylinder is longitudinally compacted

3,The package head is pushed into the package.The whole process of silage hydraulic baler machine works in one fell swoop and can be switched to semi-automatic and manual. The entire packing process takes only 1 minute.


Operating steps

First, feed the raw crop straw into the guillotine or the straw kneading machine for crushing processing. Second, crushed material enters the straw baling hopper and reaches the packaging standard. Then, by using automatic control cabinet, silage hydraulic baler machine begin to packing and finish the whole process.



Straw, silage corn straw, wheat straw, imperial bamboo grass, wood shavings, sawdust, pepper and other materials



  1. 1, No longer digging the silage pool.
  2. 2, Long preservation time (natural preservation for up to 3 years).
  3. 3, Low packaging cost.
  4. 4, Adopt traction type package, save time and labor.



Model Hydraulic oil pump capacity(L/min) Cylinder nominal pressure(pa) Baling ability





Bale specifications






Weight(t) Size


9YF-70型 63 20 100-120 300*400*700 300-400 18.5 2 3320*2880*2800
9YF-90型 63 25 ≥90 300*300*750 300-400 37 3 3450*3800*2600

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