Introduction and characteristics of hydraulic baling machine

Compared with other baling machinery, hydraulic baling machine has its own unique advantages, such as: a variety of equipment, including metal hydraulic baling machine, straw hydraulic baling machine, paper hydraulic baling machine, etc. Baling power is sufficient, hydraulic transmission, more stable; Equipment automation and so on.

Because wear and tear and cause clearance is too big, want to undertake repairing according to repair craft, in order to assure to cooperate clearance to be in formulary limits. The parts that cannot be repaired should be replaced in time to ensure the performance of the hydraulic pump. Waste paper baling machine in the installation, commissioning hydraulic pump, must carefully read the operating instructions, strictly implement the installation and commissioning process requirements. Confirm the suction and discharge ports of the pump, and be sure to fill the pump with hydraulic oil before starting the hydraulic pump.

Pump parts processing, storage and transportation should strictly implement the drawings and technical requirements, before assembly to strict inspection system, unqualified parts, can not be installed on the pump. Pump parts are damaged, can not repair the replacement of new parts. Especially seals, there are defects must be replaced with new parts.

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