How to deal with the problem of carton baling machine ?

First of all, is the most common automatic carton baling machine heating head problem. In the process of using, customers may see the baling belt melt, or the adhesion degree is not enough, or the smooth extension between the two layers of belt. For the first two problems, we only need to clean the heating head, and then adjust the appropriate temperature can be relatively simple. The third problem, there are two situations, one is, the heating head tilt angle slightly upward, the operator needs to use pliers to bend the heating head radian downward; Two is, the automatic baler cam, because there is a heating head up mainly because of the position of the cam offset.

In addition, it is easy to appear that automatic carton baling machine does not automatically cut the tape. This may be related to the cam key pin fracture, reducer, tool wear or cam wear, if in the warranty period, can find a manufacturer after-sales service to solve this problem. If the warranty period is over, we have to solve this problem by ourselves. We can try to adjust these three problems: first, the tightness of the automatic baler is too tight. There is a hexagon socket screw on the nut. Second, PP belt thickness is too thin or too big gap back pulley. Third, the blade of the middle knife is worn. Replace the edge of both sides of the middle knife and use the other side. If the automatic carton baling machine is still unable to cut the belt automatically after the inspection of these three problems, it is suggested to find relevant manufacturers for maintenance.

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