How to choose straw baling machine manufacturer ?

Buying straw baling machine should choose manufacturer first. Shuliy machinery has a high reputation in the industry. Shuliy machinery products research and development center and production base, has a modern management mechanism and processing equipment, perfect detection means, high-quality scientific research personnel, on call 24 hours after-sales service team, with a high degree of professionalism to provide clients with good economic and technical service, with good reputation, good product won numerous customer’s favor.

Characteristics of the straw baling machine produced by Shuliy machinery:

The product is a compressing, bundling and baling machine for crushing corn straw. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable transmission and flexible movement. Widely used in animal husbandry forage green storage, yellow storage. It can save storage space and prolong the feeding time of green straw. Greatly reduced the cost of feed transportation, storage, reduce the labor intensity of labor. Also brought real economic benefit to stock raising.

When purchasing baling machines, users should be extremely careful. Online users in the purchase of straw baling machine, to many manufacturers in the home, carefully identify the quality of the brand. Here are a few tips: first, users to choose the strength of the old brand manufacturers; Secondly, to choose the quality, after-sales guarantee of the regular manufacturers, like Shuliy machinery straw baling machine users have more than ten thousand, quality services are able to withstand the test of users. The choice is still up to the user, so the user’s perspective is also critical.

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