Dry ice cleaning machine

Company profile

Our company was established in 2007, Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co,.Ltd, is located in Zhengzhou City Henan Province. It is a factory focusing on dry ice and is Well-known domestic enterprises with closed cooling towers, evaporative cooling research and development, production and sales. Our main products: dry ice making machine, dry ice blaster, dry ice cleaning service, dry ice incubator, stage fog machine, closed cooling tower, evaporative cooling, etc.

Working principle

The working principle of the dry ice cleaning machine is converting the dry ice particles into kinetic energy when they are sprayed onto the surface removes and damages the surface soil. When the surface and the dirt are cooled, the difference between the shrinkage speeds causes the surface to collide with the dirt, and the dry ice particles are heated and expanded at a very high speed to further detach the dirt from the surface.


1.Nozzle box bracket

2.Excellent mobility

3.Automatic residual ice emptying

4.Efficient internal gas flow in the machine

5.Integrated ground coil

6.Integral oil water separator

7.Perfect trigger wrench bracket

8.Integral storage bin for storing nozzles and tools



Dry ice cleaning machine is applicable for various industries, Such as Industrial range, Food and

pharmaceutical,Power Industry,Aerospace,Shipbuilding industry and etc.

Main parameter:

Model SLDI-750
Dimension(mm) 580*460*1100
Weight(kg) 135
Working pressure 4-12bar
Dry ice consumption 0-3kg/min
Air consumption over 4m3/min
Power consumption 750w, 220v/50hz
Dry ice capacity  28kg

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