Dry ice box

Product description

Dry ice box
Dry ice box
Dry ice box

Dry ice box is used for dry ice and other frozen product, Low temperature resistance and its insulation performance is very good, can be up to 7 days. We usually sell dry ice box with dry ice pellet making machine and dry ice blaster and we have sold those products to more than 30 countries.


1.Easy to move

2.Rubber seal

3.PE material

4.Metal lock

5.One handle


The dry ice box is applicable for cold chain transportation, such as transporting dry ice, expensive welding wire, organic vegetables, meat dumplings and other quick-frozen products, dairy products, special industrial raw materials, etc.

Model SL-60 SL-250
Dimension(cm) 57*46*93 115*75*103
The diameter of inside(cm) 39*28*63 95*55*63
Volume(L) 68 320
Weight(kg) 25 70

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