Causes and solutions of high oil temperature of hydraulic baling machine

Reasons for high oil temperature of hydraulic baling machine:

1.Poor heat dissipation; 2. Improper selection of hydraulic oil brand; 3. Improper pressure adjustment; 4. The hydraulic pump is vacuumed; 5. Wear and tear of components

When the oil temperature is too high, it should be timely to deal with. Since excessive oil temperature will cause many problems and adverse consequences, we can take the following measures to solve them:

  1. Add water cooling and air cooling hydraulic oil radiator, add two cooling equipment on the hydraulic press, so that it can be useful to reduce the oil temperature of hydraulic oil, regularly arrange water cooling and air cooling equipment.
  2. Use standard 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, do not use low price or poor brand hydraulic oil.
  3. Appropriately reduce the operating pressure of the hydraulic station system to prevent excessive system pressure and overload operation of equipment, so that the hydraulic oil through the pump and valve set can reduce the conflict and reduce the temperature.
  4. Check the hydraulic components of the equipment regularly, and replace the motor and oil pump with good ones immediately if motor and oil pump are damaged, which can effectively reduce the temperature of hydraulic oil.

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