What does the price of a baling machine have to do with ?

The price difference of baling machines is very big, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. What makes such a big difference? As we know, there are many kinds of baling machines in the market. Many manufacturers have been engaged in price wars and competition has become more and more fierce in order to occupy the market share. This is one of the reasons why the price of baling machines is different.

  1. The price varies greatly due to the different functions of the baling machine. At present, there are many kinds of baling machines with different functions, including manual baling machine, pneumatic baling machine, electric baling machine, semi-automatic baling machine and automatic baling machine. Due to the degree of automation of the equipment, the price is also reflected.
  2. The price varies with the quality of the baling machine. Although there are many different types of baling press in the market, the essence of baling press has not changed. The mechanical structure and production process of the same type of baler are similar, the most important is that there are differences in the workmanship and materials of the baler. For example, the production process of automatic table baling machine is the same whether it is a high table baling machine or a low table baling machine. Therefore, the quality of workmanship and the materials used for main components determine the price difference of the baling machine.
  3. Competition among baler manufacturers. In recent years, the number of baler manufacturers has been increasing, and the number of distributors has also been increasing. However, at the same time of the price war, in order to reduce the sales volume and source of customers, some businesses can only reduce the price and save the cost, so they have to do more and more things in the packaging machine, and finally produce quality problems.
  4. Brand of baling machine. Some of the brand name of the baler is high, it and some small manufacturers of products produced some gaps, such as: performance, workmanship, quality, function are not the same, so the price is not the same.

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