Strictly adhere to the correct disassembly methods:

Use the appropriate disassembly tool properly, avoid damaging waste paper baler by pounding. It is strictly forbidden to use the hammer to strike on the working surface of the part. If it is necessary to strike, you can use a copper or lead hammer, or add a soft padding between the working surface and the hammerhead, do not take the measuring tools and knife instead of the hammer, or use spear head and chisels instead of wrenches.

Its rigidity is much larger than that of air, that is, the compression coefficient is very small. Therefore, it can be considered that the hydraulic oil of waste paper baler is incompressible in engineering. The reason why the actuator of the press machine works smoothly and quietly is that its compression coefficient is very small and it is very rigid.

when the machines are dismantled, every part shall be marked in accordance with the original position or sequence before dismantling, in order to avoid confusion during assembling. Storing the parts should be according to the size, accuracy of the parts and the total components in order to avoid confounding or damaging.

The Waste carton baler system has established its market position:

  1. 1. Reasonable design of double scissors blade improves paper cutting efficiency and prolongs the service life of the blade.
  2. 2, Waste carton baler equipped with a unique binding device to reduce fault rate and facilitate cleaning and maintenance.
  3. 3. No special site infrastructure required, making installation simple and easy.
  4. 4. The main cylinder is designed with trunnion support and spherical surface, which can eliminate the torque acting on the spindle and significantly extend the oil seal life.
  5. 5. The hydraulic trolley is produced though planomiller to ensure the accuracy of movement.

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